Hobbies for Seniors

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I love hobbies! I play some music (not well, but enough to appreciate how much skill and hard work I see in others!) I dabble in art, again to truly recognize other people’s talent. In my lifetime I’ve collected stamps, and some other things. I really enjoyed many years of boating and fishing! As I get older, I had to give up my boat, as I didn’t feel confident to be able to handle the rough stuff. But, I still love to go out on a boat whenever I can. I’m currently doing websites, and this is fun too!

These webpages on hobbies are generally a starting point, to help you get started into researching many hobbies. They are not designed for experts in any hobby! You probably know more than I.

If any of you know better links for getting started, please let me know!

Some Great Desktop Wallpaper from Microsoft

Underwater photography gives beautiful scenes!

Hobbies in general:

Hobbies and Pastimes – some good stuff!

Click on any of the above links to learn more aboutHobbies-on-PC !

Hobby software

A wide variety of software for Hobbies-on-PC, worth a look for ideas! If you like flight simulators, remember to order a joystick, if you don’t already have one!

Hobbies- from Amazon

Virtual Aircraft Museum – This is a website to virtually any aircraft ever built! If you love aircraft, this is a jewel!